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About Us

GADesignz is a product of Ramona's love for marine life, sea creatures, and falling in love at a young age with a sailor who adores the sea trade and the liberating freedom that comes with the ocean voyages.

GADesignz set out to capture the uniqueness of our seafarers, the soothing calm of the deep blue, and the reflection of the moon on the peaceful night waves, the haunting turbulence of the roaring oceans, and the gothic imagination of mystical sea creatures from our thrilling, favourite nautical books brought to bear through the eyes of the talented artists we've been blessed to work with.

Our Products

What we offer is BOLD | UNIQUE | NAUTICAL

Our products don't only feel good; they ensure you stand out from the crowd!

We aim to bring all the fantastic designs a nautical enthusiast can imagine to life on quality products for our diverse customers.

Whether you are a master mariner, able sailor, love to cruise, in love with a seafarer like me or you've just got an eye for great paintings as an art lover; our products are made for you.

We ensure that our apparel and accessories are of varied unique artistry and bold, attractive nautical designs specially made with great flair and intrigue.

We love the sea and all things to do with marine life. So, if you love well-designed clothing, gothic artwork accessories and home décor, the deep blue, sea life, and fantastic sea creatures, 'hop on board mi hearty's' and shop with confidence.

Our products are perfect for personal use and presents during celebrations, special events, and even lively tournaments.

Join us on our nautical adventures!!!